12v/24v/36v 1380w 38A Power Supply

12v/24v/36v 1380w 38A Power Supply
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Main leads are at 36v by default. Can be changed to other voltages and connectors upon request. 

4mm Bullets EC5 Powerlab EC5 I Charger XT60 XT90 are your options 

Has 2 Negative Female 4mm Bullet Terminals and 3 Positive Female 4mm Bullet Terminals. 
The 3 Positive Female 4mm Bullet Terminals gives you a choice of 12v 460w 38A / 24v 920w 38A / 36v 1380w 38A outputs. 

Can run multiple chargers simultaneously but you must be mindful of your total current being drawn between all devices not to exceed 38A to 43A. 

Suitable for most chargers at 12 and 24v. Check your manual for charger limitations or contact me with info about your charger or application. 

This is also suitable for select few of the FMA Power Lab and Junsi I Charger models @ 36v. Other models chargers are limited to 30-32v so you must run those at 24v with this PSU. Ask me if this model is right for you.

Units are proprely ground isolated.
Comes with power cords.

If you are unsure what to buy please contact me at through messages, email, or chat on my website.

Some chargers are misleading about their power output. Example. Some of the ISDT or Turnigy Reaktors Chargers can put out 300w . You would think that you could use one of my 12v 460w or 12v 750w PSU and have plenty of power ... that is not the case. You need 24v to reach their claimed numbers. If you dont know what to buy or unsure... Just Ask. I will look into what is appropriate for you. I will ask you simple what charger do you have or buying. What size batteries are you charging. What is your budget? What is your target C rate to charge at.. to name a few questions.

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