14AWG AC Splitter Cable

14AWG AC Splitter Cable
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This "Y" splitter, power cord allows you to easily and conveniently tap two devices into one outlet.  Heavy duty 14AWG cable will handle just about any demanding 125V load up to 15amps.  Provides more flexibility than a power strip and just the right amount of connections.  Three prong design makes it safe for your grounded power connections.


This is properly sized and rated to handle full load of my 24v power supplies. There are cheaper ones on the market but they use smaller wire which may melt and overheat. Dont skimp on power cables. Ive see what they can do when not sized properely and its not pretty. If you have a 24v product you are encouraged to get this to protect your charger. Cheap power strips may trip under heavy load. Also damage may occur to chargers if the power supplies dont come on together simultaneous vs plugging one in after the other.

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