Dell 12v 62A 750w Power Supply 4mm

Dell 12v 62A 750w Power Supply 4mm
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Dimensions are L x W x H = 13.5 x 3 x 3

The weight may vary due to the different revisions of this PSU but it usually ends up around 3-4lbs.

12.35v Unloaded, 11.95v Loaded at 65A. 

Output of your choice will be installed. You can do a combination of wired connector options and 4mm bullet outputs.

The fan speed will be forced low. This is usually fine for most people. If you encounter cooling issues swapping a jumper will set the unit to automatically ramp up when a load of 10-15A or more is applied.

(1) 1 Ft Power Cords are included.

* Stock photos are used to represent the size of the unit but may display another configuration.

* Some product options conflict when customizing. You will be notified via email if this occurs. 

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