Dell 12v 750w 62A Power Supply

Dell 12v 750w 62A Power Supply
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These are working pulls from Dell Poweredge 2950 Severs. 
There are several different models so you might not receive what is exactly pictured. It will however have the size and form factor.
The units have 4mm bullets soldered to the outputs. 
Upgrade to dual outputs is available.
The units have short protection.
The units have over current protection.
The units have thermal protection.
12v single units aren't ground isolated. 
Upgrade to Ground Isolated is available.
The fan is automatically regulated. It ramps up and down with load.
Low idle fans speed below 15A load.Ramps to full speed above 15A.
Always low fan speed option is available. 
Permanent and removable.
USA Standard power cords are included.
*62A model have plastic handles that will get damaged in shipment therefore wont be installed by default. Some assembly is required. You will need a T10 star bit.
Occasional my vendor might slip in a few 57A models so you may receive one but the 57A and 62A have been tested up to 65A on an Icharger 4010 Duo.
I try and screen and clean the units for dust build up,bulging & busted caps. I catch most failure in house. I have less than 1% dud rate in house and in the field.

I warranty for DOA and 30 Days thereafter. Buyer must contact me to inform me of any defect.I will respond within 1-2 business days.Usually one unit will fail if any. I will try to help you troubleshoot any issue. If worst comes to worst I will ask you to destroy the unit and submit me pictures. A replacement will be shipped out within 1-2 business days at my expense.

If you are outside the 30 Days I cannot offer an exchange. However an additional single unit can be purchased to replace the single dead unit for 50% off. Buyer pays shipping. 

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