Dell 24v 62A 1500w Power Supply 4mm Bullet Output

Dell 24v 62A 1500w Power Supply 4mm Bullet Output
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Dimensions are L x W x H = 13.5 x 6.5 x 3

The weight may vary due to the different revisions of this PSU but it usually ends up around 8-9lbs.

24.6v Unloaded, 23.9v Loaded at 65A. 

Short Jumper wire will be soldered to the output series the units for 24v operation.

Units are properly ground isolated.

The fan speed will be forced low. This is usually fine for most people. If you encounter cooling issues swapping a jumper will set the unit to automatically ramp up when a load of 10-15A or more is applied.

(2) 1 Ft Power Cords are included.

* Stock photos are used to represent the size of the unit but may display another configuration.

* Some product options conflict when customizing. You will be notified via email if this occurs. 

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