Ground Isolation Upgrade

Ground Isolation Upgrade
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My 12v units normally come with the DC negative attached to the case. This is normally fine when the unit runs by itself but if you try to wire in a second unit in series then this becomes an electrical hazard. One unit must have the DC negative isolated from the case or the cases will spark when they touch and one unit will go into protection. Add this product to your cart if you want you stand alone 12v unit ground isolated so you can safely run it in series with your existing unit.

** Note for the HP models. Please add this to your unit if you plan to buy one PSU now and add another one later. I have to use a specific model for 24v and up units to do the ground isolation and this specific unit must be paired together with the same model or otherwise your PSU will fail in short order. This is very important. Do not skimp on this. If you are truely in need off only one 12v PSU and no plans for future upgrades then ignore this. 

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