HP 12v/24v 920w Power Supply Premium

HP 12v/24v 920w Power Supply Premium
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This will probably be the first and last power supply you will ever buy. It will be the talk of the club, track and field. All available to you at an awesome price.

The dimensions in inches including the handle and connectors are


10 X 3.5 X 3

The eight of the unit minus power cords is 4lbs 9oz.


This sexy beast is composed of (2) HP Power Supplies. These are clean pulls from retired network servers. Dont let the thought of them being used discourage you. They still have plenty of years of good use still left in them. Each unit is rated at 12v 38A and 460w. They are happy to deliver up to 45A continuous without skipping a beat.


Each unit is thoroughly load tested. Appropriate and safe ground isolation modifications have been made to allow these units to work safely in series.


The main output of this unit is an EC5 Connector which comes in 2 flavors. This is the connector of choice for some of the best chargers on the market. The I Charger Duo Series and the FMA Powerlab. This connector is coupled to (2) 1 FT long Red and Black 10 AWG 200C Silicone wires.


To make this even sweeter I have installed the RC industry standard female 4mm bullets... also know as banana plugs. These have been soldered to the unit. These have been clearly color coded with heat shrink to indicate polarity. These give you the flexibility to run up to (2) additional 12v or 24v devices. These extra outputs can be used for your extra low power chargers or to give your buddy a place to plug his charger in. Need extra outputs for lights and fans for your charging case? This has you covered.


This power supply is dressed to impress with a Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap. Trimmed and heat shrinked to every curve and contour to give it a clean and professional look. It gives it an aggressive stance and lets everyone your charge game is strong know you mean business. The bottom of the unit has felt feet to protect the wrap and the resting surfaces.


The rear of the units sport (2) black handles. Great for carrying. With little effort they can be removed and the mounting tabs broken off for a lower profile for compact cases.


The green indicator lights on the rear let you know of the power supply status. (2) solid green lights indicate the unit is ready to go. If either light is out or if there is flickering or flashing indicates a problem and you should cease use and contact me for help and or to arrange for a repair or replacement.


The exhaust fans are in the rear. These shouldn't be blocked and allowed to breathe freely. Any debris lodged in the fan preventing it from moving can cause the unit to fail to come on properly.


To deliver power to these power hungry beasts I have paired this unit with a AC Splitter cable. Its a single 6ft long cable that only occupies one AC outlet. It splits down to (2) PC compatible plugs that plug directly into the PSUs.


These power supplies are very quiet and come with thermally regulated fans. They mainly run at idle speed which is barely audible. When loads crest over about 40-50A you may start hearing them ramp ever so slightly. The units remain cool only approaching a luke warm temperature after a long intense load or charging session. Their low noise and good thermals make these a good candidate for charging cases.


The power supply comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty. If you take reasonable care of the PSU and it fails under normal use please contact me and we will go over a few things. If we cant resolve the issue I will instruct you to send the unit back at your expense. Please package the unit well. I will repair or replace the unit and send it back to you at my expense. Any excessive wear damage or modifications outside the ones perform by me will void you warranty.


*Units may exhibit some electrical noise due to coil wine caused by minute fluctuations in the current on certain chargers during the charge cycle but it does not affect the performance.


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