HP 12v 460w Power Supply 4mm Bullet Vertical

HP 12v 460w Power Supply 4mm Bullet Vertical
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Modified HP Power Supply. It converts 110-240v AC to 12v DC.

12v 38A 460w

About 12.35v Unloaded. 11.95v loaded at 45A

9 x 3.5 x 1.5 = L X W X H

2lbs 4oz

Unit has female 4mm Bullets soldered to the output.

Automatic Fan Speed. Ramps up as needed when internal temp rises.

Comes with 1ft USA Standard Power Cord. 

Always plug your charger or device into your power supply first and then power on your power supply with a power strip or by plugging in the splitter cable you may have purchased from us.

It is bad practice to plug any devices into the power supply when it is on. Connector sparking can occur. This is due to the inrush current from charging the caps in you device. It is always good practice to power down your PSU when it not under any load and then plug any devices into an available output and power your power supply unit back on with the splitter cable or power strip.


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